Mutual Fund Analysis
By - Joseph Perrotta

Four Factors To Consider When Investing In A Mutual Fund

Last week, I wrote an article discussing Why Vanguard Sucks While I believe the post was one of the more insightful pieces I have written (despite the fact I was vilified by several other advisors and investors, who as the article discusses have been brainwashed and are beyond saving), it left a large, unanswered question with regard to investment selection:

Cross Arrows
By - Joseph Perrotta

The Truth About The Unemployment Rate

Last week, the Government released employment data for March. According to the report, we added 120,000 jobs in the month of March, and the unemployment rate edged down from 8.3% to 8.2%, the lowest rate in three years. That’s great, right? Maybe. While no one would argue that adding jobs is bad, the measure of the actual employment rate is

Interest Rates
By - Joseph Perrotta

Why Are High Interest Rates Bad For Bonds?

I received a question from a client today that caught me a little off guard: “Why do high interest make bond prices go down?” While this is certainly an important topic and I was happy to explain it, I assumed that they would have known the answer. Rather than continue to assume this is common knowledge, I wanted to write

College Loan Outstanding
By - Joseph Perrotta

Student Loan Repayment Options – Pros and Cons

So you have taken the advice of your parents and others, completed college, obtained a bachelor’s degree, and if you took out a loan to pay for this expenses, now have over $25,000 in debt. Great. Oh, and to make matters worse, the unemployment rate for anyone under the age of 24 currently sits at close to 50%, and it

By - Joseph Perrotta

What Golf Can Teach You About Financial Planning

I was out golfing earlier today for the first time in about four months. If you ask most golfers how their day went after being away from the course for that long, you will more than likely hear a slew of four letter expletives that I will not repeat here. However, I had one of the best rounds of my