Apple Tree Wealth Management is an online, independent full service wealth management firm, providing financial planning and investment management services to clients throughout the country.

Breaking The Mold

Because we are a web-based company, we are not confined by the constraints of traditional brick-and-mortar firms. This allows us to utilize technology and the internet to provide our clients with access to global resources and institutional level investment management.

There are 3 areas of differentiation that make Apple Tree Wealth Management unique:

  1. Technology

    Our ability to utilize technology is the cornerstone of what separates us from other financial services firms. Everything from the planning solutions we use, to our investment management approach, to our on-going communication is founded in our use of technology.
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    Institutional Level Investment Management

    Apple Tree Wealth Management leverages its size and scale to provide our clients access to global investment management resources from some of the largest financial services firms in the world.

    We work with over 75 different investment managers, each with their select areas of expertise, to provide our clients access to institutional level strategy at the individual level.

    Your Money, Your Plan, At Your Fingertips Any Time, Anywhere

    Apple Tree Wealth Management provides its clients access to a web portal that contains all of your relevant financial data in one place.

    Our portal provides a real-time, consolidated view of not only assets that you have invested with us, but also 401(k) balances, bank accounts, and other investment accounts, which allows you to view a consolidated asset allocation for all of your accounts in one place.



  2. Comprehensive Planning

    Apple Tree Wealth Management utilizes an online platform to collect relevant financial data from our clients, which is in turn used to craft a detailed financial plan customized for each individual.

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    While most investment advisor’s focus only on determining an individuals risk tolerance for investment purposes, we dive much deeper into our client’s overall financial goals and emotions towards their finances, which gives us a more complete picture of what our clients are looking for.

    And because every individual has unique needs, our flexibility in our use of technology allows us to use several different pieces of financial planning software to create our plans, which allows us to more efficiently cater our plans to client needs.

    Learn more about Apple Tree’s comprehensive planning

  3. Process

    Because we are independent, we don’t have to cater our process to any third-party
    investment company or other affiliates who may be looking out for their, not your, best interest.
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    And because we are web-based, we are able to simplify the wealth management process, while also making it easier, quicker, and more affordable.

    Our process is straightforward: Identify client needs and goals, craft a plan of action to achieve these goals and mitigate risks, communicate that plan to you, and implement an investment strategy to ensure that your plan becomes reality.

    Learn more about Apple Tree’s process

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